5 lokasi Foto Prewedding di jakarta

Bingung mencari referensi lokasi foto prewedding di jakarta ? jangan khawatir banyak ko tempat-tempat yang recomended untuk di jadikan lokasi foto prewedding di jakarta,  nah langsung saja  berikut 5 lokasi yang recomended untuk foto prewedding di kota jakarta.

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Ide Foto Prewedding yang Menjadi Tren di Tahun 2016

Pernikahan merupakan momen yang tidak bisa lepas dari foto prewedding maupun foto wedding.
Sebenarnya foto prewedding bukan hal yang wajib harus ada di dalam pernikahan. Namun hal ini cukup menjadi tren saat ini karena dapat mengabadikan seluruh momen indah sebelum pernikahan. Momen untuk saling mengungkapkan rasa cinta antara satu sama lain juga dapat diciptakan dalam foto prewedding. Selain itu,
foto prewedding juga bermanfaat sebagai gambar yang akan diletakkan di kartu undangan maupun dekorasi resepsi pernikahan. 
Wajar saja apabila banyak pasangan calon pengantin yang rela mengeluarkan biaya yang cukup besar
untuk foto prewedding. Momen yang terjadi sekali dalam seumur hidup ini tidak dapat dibayar dengan apapun. Sebelum Anda mencari vendor penyedia foto prewedding maupun fotografer khusus foto prewedding, Anda bisa mencari inspirasi konsepnya dari ide foto prewedding yang akan menjadi tren di tahun 2016 ini.nah berikut trend foto prewedding 2016 kedepan 
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Prewedding – Dila and Rora

So much work lined up behind me, making me not have much time to upload my work to this website. Finally, on the sidelines of my works i can upload a bunch of great photos.

I will start this post with an opinion. Sometimes we do not get to choose which client we like most. Clients always come and as a professional I have to provide excellent service. And this time I had the opportunity to choose my own clients. Yup, they are Dila and Rora.

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Prewedding – Anis and Ridho

By Wijosenoaji

Hello friends, how you doin? Good?
This is my second post, yeah you know i got a lot of inquiries for last 3 months. And right now i want to talk about Anis and Ridho, my lovely client. They come from Bogor and Kudus, but the wanna take picture for thei prewedding in Jogja. Yeah, Jogja gave them a beautiful memories, especially for Anis who often came to Jogja. Both of them loves the same things like gym and shooting (with rifles).

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Prewedding – Riska and Arif

First time i looked in to their eyes when they asked, “Julian, we wanna take a prewedding session with you. Do we can set the schedule?”, i felt cool and awesome. Really, I don’t know why. I just felt that this would be fun. And i am right, they’re very excited with this (but i named it, too exciting). One month to get a preparation drive me crazy, especially Arif. You know why? Arif is people with full of anxiety. He called me 5 times a day! (Even my girl friend never did that).

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Prewedding Cinematic – Bayu and Pita

Directed By Septian Anung

Happiness belongs to those who have a dream and have the courage to try to make it happen come true. Starting from the zero or nothing, establish communication and emerging interest in each other, and then finally decided to seriously become husband and wife. Of course it is not easy definitely a struggle, desire, intention, and of course, the courage to make it happen for a good cause. God’s plan is like a movie. All the good and bad stories are well designed for a happy ending.

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Prewedding – Lidya and Dwi

By Danto Adityo

Hello World!
Always fun if get the chance to take pictures to Bali island with Lidya and Dwi. Moreover, this time the occasion was the most exotic islands in Indonesia. Beaches, mountains, culture, everything merges with all its splendor on this island.

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Prewedding – Beta and Dita

By Deddy Cahyo

I personally have known Beta very well, he is my best friend since high school. We grow up and pass through various problems together. Beta is the jolly, friendly, and playful friend. The type of guy or gentleman who is favored anyone. But with me, he was a bit embarrassed when talking about romance, so the news about the planned marriage to Dita little surprise me.

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Hello Colorful People…

Hello Colorful People…

We are a bunch of young and talented photographer and cinematographer. Set up in Jogjakarta in 2009, and since then, we’ve established ourselves as one of the Production House specialized in photography, cinematography. We dedicate ourselves fully as a photographer and cinematographers, not a part-timer or freelancer. We stand here to share the happiness with you. Laugh and Love are our fuel to drive our creativity.

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Prewedding – Rea and Ogi

Hello friends! This post become the first in this BLOG. Right now, i wanna post a prewedding session of Rea and Ogi. They came from Jakarta. What the most interesting about handle a client from Jakarta? DETAIL!

Yeah both of them are very detail. Even before the photo shooting day, Rea always sent me like a 20 sheet of concepts and wardrobe they want. This is awesome, fun, and serious. As their photographer, i really want the same, detail.

Beside the photo shooting, i really like them so much. Why? They comply with all the requests that I asked and treated me and my team so well. In fact we went with a small bus that full of foods. I thought this isn’t a working, but it’s a picnic day. Thanks Rea and Ogi, you both are awesome. Thanks for the team, Wijoseno, Tina, Denis, and Anung. We are the best!


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