August 2015

Wedding – Putri and Ibnu

By Apri Isnanto

Hello Colorful People…!
Love is something that must be maintained. It doesn’t matter how hard it is, Love is always finds a way. Putri and Ibnu relationship is becoming the best because of great “maintenance.” They always know how to respect, how to treat, and how to LOVE each other. Even sometimes they walk trough a hard path, but they can pass it.

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Prewedding – Lidya and Dwi

By Danto Adityo

Hello World!
Always fun if get the chance to take pictures to Bali island with Lidya and Dwi. Moreover, this time the occasion was the most exotic islands in Indonesia. Beaches, mountains, culture, everything merges with all its splendor on this island.

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Wedding – Merry and Bibit

Hello Colorful People!
Over the last few months I have had the opportunity to be responsible for the most interesting wedding ceremony that I’ve ever seen. This time I was with om Seno and Dhika to capture the moment of sacred Islamic manner and wrapped with Javanese culture. Highly thousands of proud I got chance to get this amazing clients, Merry and Bibit. In this wedding ceremony there was one event that I think is different from traditional Javanese wedding ceremony to another. Because at the beginning of this marriage ceremony, Merry is the last of three sisters. The family of has to do custom event, called ruwatan first. Ruwatan is gratitude for the happiness of children were given the three women had been married all in. One by one in a series of wedding we had passed well, and swept the event with thousands guests attended the celebration of this wedding.

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Wedding Cinematic (SDE) – Bram and Maria

Directed By Septian Anung

This is the client for 2015 .. By looking at the whole picture in the post this time, I started the year with pretty. I met Maria and bram only twice before their wedding day, but I feel a close relationship with them. From the beginning they really appreciate my works. I really love them. how they treat me as a professional make me never hesitate to say anything.

I hope god always bless them and now, as their friend, I always wanted to know about their condition even though they are far in Surabaya. And enjoy …

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