October 2015

Prewedding – Riska and Arif

First time i looked in to their eyes when they asked, “Julian, we wanna take a prewedding session with you. Do we can set the schedule?”, i felt cool and awesome. Really, I don’t know why. I just felt that this would be fun. And i am right, they’re very excited with this (but i named it, too exciting). One month to get a preparation drive me crazy, especially Arif. You know why? Arif is people with full of anxiety. He called me 5 times a day! (Even my girl friend never did that).

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Prewedding Cinematic – Bayu and Pita

Directed By Septian Anung

Happiness belongs to those who have a dream and have the courage to try to make it happen come true. Starting from the zero or nothing, establish communication and emerging interest in each other, and then finally decided to seriously become husband and wife. Of course it is not easy definitely a struggle, desire, intention, and of course, the courage to make it happen for a good cause. God’s plan is like a movie. All the good and bad stories are well designed for a happy ending.

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Wedding – Oki and David

By Ditto Ardi

We could see the happiness from the eye. And that’s what I felt when I saw this couple. Love clearly reflected in their eyes. For the wedding ceremony they opted for a traditional, yet very beautiful Church. The ceremony took place in St. Yohanes Rasul Pringwulung church in Yogyakarta. The whole ceremony is beautiful as a dream. A dream that finally managed to turn into a beautiful reality.

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