December 2015


Directed By Wijoseno Aji


The perfection in imperfection. A series of lights can make it brighter and more beautiful. The beauty that glares and it is mentioned in every prays and dreams. We all take different roads, then we will collide on each other through a long the road. We’ll meet, change and then become a soul with different shape. We all are the 100% imperfection. We are all the appropriate perfection for all things that we need in our journey.

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Prewedding – Dila and Rora

So much work lined up behind me, making me not have much time to upload my work to this website. Finally, on the sidelines of my works i can upload a bunch of great photos.

I will start this post with an opinion. Sometimes we do not get to choose which client we like most. Clients always come and as a professional I have to provide excellent service. And this time I had the opportunity to choose my own clients. Yup, they are Dila and Rora.

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Wedding Cinematic – Oki and David

Directed By Septian Anung

We could see the happiness from the eye. And that’s what I felt when I saw this couple. Love clearly reflected in their eyes. For the wedding ceremony they opted for a traditional, yet very beautiful Church. The ceremony took place in St. Yohanes Rasul Pringwulung church in Yogyakarta. The whole ceremony is beautiful as a dream. A dream that finally managed to turn into a beautiful reality.

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