Wedding Cinematic – Adit and Wini

Directed By Azhari Rakhman

Videographer : Azhari Rakhman and Apri Isnanto
Editor : Azhari Rakhman

Well, I’ve met an amazing couple. May I introduce you to Wini and Adit? For me, they are like an expert in the world of travelling. And, Wini is agreat diver. She really likes diving all over Indonesian, yeah you know Indonesia has agreat underwater world, the best. But the point is if you got a chance to meet a couple who loves travelling, try to ask them about loving each other. Trust me, you will see awesome sotories about LOVE, respect the nature, and the way to see future at the same time.
Beside all of those sweet things, I wanna thanks to Adit and Wini who trust me to handle their most sacred day. I really love how they created the wedding on the sea side. Nad the last, you both are amazing…

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