Directed By Wijoseno Aji


The perfection in imperfection. A series of lights can make it brighter and more beautiful. The beauty that glares and it is mentioned in every prays and dreams. We all take different roads, then we will collide on each other through a long the road. We’ll meet, change and then become a soul with different shape. We all are the 100% imperfection. We are all the appropriate perfection for all things that we need in our journey.

I am nit perfect in your wa, and you are not perfect in my way, but then we are perfect in the way we are. We are heading to the same place by taking a different road, but eventually we are perfect in our way. Just like yourself, they are heading to the same place, and will not be carried by the things look like you, they are taking the perfect things for they called a journey. To look how strong we connect and respect tha we are perfect and not too perfect for others.
For all the perfect in imperfection.

Colorful’s Special Project December 2015

– Beauty Through Light Orchestra –

Concept by W Wijosenoaji
Muse : Eunike Laura
Make Up Artist : Tina Wardhana
Photographer : Wijosenoaji, Deddy Cahyo Utomo
Videographer : Aryo Peje
Bridal : httpa//Arainattire.wix.com/araina:::Arainattire.wix.com/araina
Lighting : Sugik Shogy
Props : Wahyu Widodo, Nurrohman Ihtiyarrohim
Prose : Wijosenoaji, Tata Istia

Thank’s to: Gudang Digital Yogyakarta

Colorful Photocinema_Special Project 1
Colorful Photocinema_Special Project 2
Colorful Photocinema_Special Project 3
Colorful Photocinema_Special Project 4
Colorful Photocinema_Special Project 5

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