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Wedding Cinematic Oki & David

We could see the happiness from the eye. And that’s what I felt when I saw this couple. Love clearly reflected in their eyes. For the wedding ceremony they opted for a traditional, yet very beautiful Church. The ceremony took place in St. Yohanes Rasul Pringwulung church in Yogyakarta. The whole ceremony is beautiful as a dream. A dream that finally managed to turn into a beautiful reality.

Oki and David, I don’t know what to say anymore. They are very connected and looked so awesome for the ceremony. Both of them made me feel like the luckiest videographer to document their Love and I’m happy to call you a FRIEND.

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Wedding – Nindy and Deni

Hello friends!
It’s like a dream come true. Why? i wanna tell why, but i wanna share about my lil experience with a client 6 years ago. In the past when i started become wedding photographer i got client who always cared about her gown and flowers decoration. It’s true, she likes it most. She said that all of the color was nice. But how silly i am, i asked to her to put all of the picture all in black and white for the wedding album. You know what happened? She was totally shocked. She said, “why i spend a lot for nice colored gown and flowers if you just want to give me black and white album?” I told her that BW picts is good, a lot of drama, and surely romance, and she said again, “I DON’T CARE!” Hahahahaha…

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