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Wedding Cinematic Oki & David

We could see the happiness from the eye. And that’s what I felt when I saw this couple. Love clearly reflected in their eyes. For the wedding ceremony they opted for a traditional, yet very beautiful Church. The ceremony took place in St. Yohanes Rasul Pringwulung church in Yogyakarta. The whole ceremony is beautiful as a dream. A dream that finally managed to turn into a beautiful reality.

Oki and David, I don’t know what to say anymore. They are very connected and looked so awesome for the ceremony. Both of them made me feel like the luckiest videographer to document their Love and I’m happy to call you a FRIEND.

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Wedding Cinematic – Windy and Andra (Same Day Edit)

Directed By Septian Anung

Hello Colorful World! Few months ago we had the opportunity to cover Javanese Traditional Wedding in Jakarta.

Jakarta? What do you think of when hear the word “Jakarta?” Jams, yes definitely jam that always colors this capital city. But congestion in Jakarta is not affecting the brothers or relatives to enliven this sacred event in the Windy and Andra wedding ceremony. Although located in Jakarta, this wedding very thick with javanese traditional atmosphere. The atmosphere of emotion tearful and happy enveloping the entire series of events. Crying does not always signify sad because of the loss, accidents and even death, but crying here signifies very happy they were in this wedding ceremony.


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Wedding – Raeza and Gilang

By Ditto Ardi

Hello Colorful World! Happy Ramadhan…
For last two month I’ve received a lot of wedding inquiries. This was one of them and I was not alone. This time I was with Deddy for capturing a moment that is sacred to the Islamic way and wrapped in a great Sundanese culture. How lucky I am to get this awesome client, Raeza and Gilang, especially because Raeza is an old friend of Deddy. So we got no time for awkward moment or that kind of things when we first met. For us, this couple shows a lot of LOVE and that makes us happy for beeing “their best wedding photographer.”

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Wedding – Maria and Bram

This is the client for 2015 .. By looking at the whole picture in the post this time, I started the year with pretty. I met Maria and bram only twice before their wedding day, but I feel a close relationship with them. From the beginning they really appreciate my works. I really love them. how they treat me as a professional make me never hesitate to say anything.

I hope god always bless them and now, as their friend, I always wanted to know about their condition even though they are far in Surabaya. And enjoy …

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Prewedding – Rea and Ogi

Hello friends! This post become the first in this BLOG. Right now, i wanna post a prewedding session of Rea and Ogi. They came from Jakarta. What the most interesting about handle a client from Jakarta? DETAIL!

Yeah both of them are very detail. Even before the photo shooting day, Rea always sent me like a 20 sheet of concepts and wardrobe they want. This is awesome, fun, and serious. As their photographer, i really want the same, detail.

Beside the photo shooting, i really like them so much. Why? They comply with all the requests that I asked and treated me and my team so well. In fact we went with a small bus that full of foods. I thought this isn’t a working, but it’s a picnic day. Thanks Rea and Ogi, you both are awesome. Thanks for the team, Wijoseno, Tina, Denis, and Anung. We are the best!


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