We are a bunch of young and talented photographer and cinematographer.We have experienced for more than 10 years . We stand here to share the happiness with you. Laugh and Love are our fuel to drive our creativity.

We were most interested in wedding photography. Desire and passion arises when the bride share laughter and sadness in the sacredness of marriage. We believe that every second of your beautiful moments have to be captured by the right people. Those are us!

Besides wedding, we have some other very interesting product. You can see it in the Portfolio gallery. Although we are very keen on wedding photography, please remember, we are photographers. We can convert your wishes into a beautiful masterpiece. Whatever it takes!

The Skills

We try to describe our skills as the ability to follow the times. Always learn about new things all the time. That’s the key. We all know that technology is growing very fast and if we do not want to learn then we will be left far behind. Each of our personnel are always received training and workshops to make Colorful not only as a company that consists of creative and passionate people, but also sensitive to the technology.
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  • Wedding Cinematography
  • Outdoor Photography
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The Team


His name Harji. He likes traveling, eating, car tunning, football and photography of course. He started taking photographs in the 1993s while his family went on vacation. He start to shoot professionally since around 9 years ago. In the begining, he has an interest in visual art and have just begun to study drawing and make a comic by autodidact. But then he found that making picture by a camera is more fun to do. He didn’t choose photography, it found him. His photo style is express emotions, spiritual feelings, and unique.
For him, a photo that he made in a wedding is not just important for today but its like a time capsule. In the future, its will tell to the other generation the story and the emotion in that wedding day. In the other words, his picture is timeless.


As a professional photographer with lots of clients for prewedding, wedding, and editorials, he has to be able to feel the emotions surrounds it and frame it into perfection. That’s why, you should consider to hire him as your trusted photographer to capture your special and precious moment of your life. Please enjoy his photo works, hope you’ll love it and…have a nice day!


Calm and friendly are the first impression you can get from Deddy. He always want to make people around him laugh and happy. He had strong passion in photography and cinematography. Work with creativity and emotional expression to make something different and never been done before. Deddy also a traveler, who always wanting to travel to beautiful places and somewhere new. He always told you, ” Traveling is necessary. This world is not just distance between your house and your workplace “.


It’s time to meet with the youngest photographer in the team. Yeah, Andhika is 20 years old. With his age, he has always been a rebel who always dissatisfied with something. It is a very positive side to help us. Willingness to learn is very high. Do not be surprised, he is indeed a photographer who nag because he wanted to know more, especially about photography. One more interesting about him, he is a big fan of Star Wars! He always bought everything about Star Wars. He’s really addictive. Sometimes he went to the office using a Storm Trooper helmet and carrying a sword with a blue color. Cute!


This handsome guy is our finance manager. Wahyu is a very calm person. Sometimes even he looks just sit in front of a computer with a series of numbers in front of him. His job as a financial manager makes it very detailed. We are very happy he is in the team because he has hidden talents, repairman. He could fix anything that uses cables and batteries. Even the few times he managed to repair the damaged camera lens. Therefore he has another name, MacGyver.



a simple and friendly guy. eventhough have a degree in broadcasting, he choose photography for his life. a hard learner, and some part is an idealist, but always have a strong passion to try something new.


This woman is a smart,nimble and with good progress, loves to learn new things to support career,She has high spirit and always expressive in all things. She is a cheerful and friendly person.Have good accounting and marketing skills. Dany is marketing in colorful photography jogja.


Akbary Septianto

Works in the world of photography since college, Akbary Septianto is an experienced artist figure that has explored many places around the world. Artistic and modern works become his characteristic. Supported with full equipment, make it always produces an extraordinary works. He currently plays as a senior photographer and also as a marketing in Colorful Jakarta.

Danto Adityo
Has a strong passion in the visual world, Danto Adityo has diverse capabilities, ranging from photography, videography, and graphic design. Started 6 years ago when he was in college, now he plays as a leader in Colorful Chapter Jakarta. In addition to wedding photography, this time he also penetrated into corporate needs such as company profile and marketing kit production (www.colorfulworldindonesia.com)

Azhari Rockman

A figure that is cheerful, friendly, and like a challenge. Has an artistic soul, high motivation, and always able to meet client expectations. With creativity and his strong passion in photography and cinematography, he always gives an unique, fresh, and maximum work. He also has a good ability in finance management, so this time he also plays as a financial manager in Colorful Chapter Jakarta.

Apri Isnanto

Multitalented man, happy to try new things, and always excited. After completing the education of advertising in a university in Jogja, he continued his career in Colorful Photography. Now, Apri Isnanto is a senior photographer and also senior designer in colorful jakarta. With his talent and passion in the art world, he has a bright future. Many clients are satisfied with his creative works. Because of the courage and his brave, apri has a nickname “Rambo”.

Hendi Prasetya

His personality that spirit, tough, and cool make his works are always great and high artistic value. His Experience and hard work in the field of SEO, Social Media Marketing, Web Programmer has taken him to the highest level.  Currently Hendi Prasetya plays role as Digital Marketing in Colorful jakarta.

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