Wedding – Raeza and Gilang

By Ditto Ardi

Hello Colorful World! Happy Ramadhan…
For last two month I’ve received a lot of wedding inquiries. This was one of them and I was not alone. This time I was with Deddy for capturing a moment that is sacred to the Islamic way and wrapped in a great Sundanese culture. How lucky I am to get this awesome client, Raeza and Gilang, especially because Raeza is an old friend of Deddy. So we got no time for awkward moment or that kind of things when we first met. For us, this couple shows a lot of LOVE and that makes us happy for beeing “their best wedding photographer.”

And you know what, sometimes we gave clients with surprises, we are also get helped by our friend who comes from Malaysia, Ravinder Singh. He was very eager to photograph weddings with Islamic way Sundanese he had never been done before. One by one in a series of weddings we have passed well. Even no moment is missed. Start from Siraman Ceremony were full of joy, Ijab Qobul which is the core of the Islamic wedding ceremony which also symbolize the release of a father’s responsibility to the son in law, and a reception which was attended by thousands of invited guests.

Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(1)
Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(2)
Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(3)
Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(4)
Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(5)
Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(6)
Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(7)
Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(8)
Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(9)
Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(10)
Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(11)
Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(12)
Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(13)
Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(14)
Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(15)
Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(16)
Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(17)
Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(18)
Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(19)
Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(20)
Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(21)
Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(22)
Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(23)
Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(24)
Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(25)
Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(26)
Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(27)
Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(28)
Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(29)
Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(30)
Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(31)
Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(32)
Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(33)
Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(34)
Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(35)
Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(36)
Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(37)
Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(38)
Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(39)
Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(40)
Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(41)
Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(42)
Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(43)
Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(44)
Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(45)
Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(46)
Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(47)
Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(48)
Colorfulphotocinema_Echa Gilang_(49)

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